Floating ‘Corpse’ Turns Out to Be Meditating Man


Walking along a river can be relaxing until coming across a corpse floating in the dirty, garbage-filled water. Numerous people in Bangkok, Thailand, had that same experience and were shocked when they discovered what they thought was a corpse turned out to be a man meditating.

In a situation like that, the worst is expected. People who witnessed the scene and figured a dead body was floating in the water ended up calling the police. Before the authorities got there, the problem actually ended up sorting itself out.

A brave man took charge and navigated through the garbage and mud. When he went to touch the body, it moved and was rather irritated about being woken.

“We thought he was already dead! Everyone was shouting but he was not moving. When someone tried to pull him out of the water, he suddenly talked. He said he was only meditating,” rescuer Sommatr Promvog said.

The man was helped out of the canal. The ambulance on the scene completed a health check of the old man with staff determining that he was both sober and in good health. The elderly man was sent home and given the suggestion to find a different place to contemplate life.


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