Former Bank for Sale for $112,000, Includes a Vault


The housing market these days is completely out of control. Instead of splurging on something way out of your price range, why not try looking at a converted bank? It even comes with its own vault.

The Gateway State Bank in Iowa was built in 1908 and recently transformed into a quaint two-bedroom home that can work for anyone’s budget. For just over $110,000, you can get this 1,611 sq ft property, which is a fraction of the price you’d pay for a standard two-bedroom home.

Credit: Joy Jenson/ReMax

The compact building features the words Charlotte Savings Bank in large lettering slightly below the overhang of the roof. Inside the building, you’ll find the former bank’s lobby, which has been transformed into an open kitchen and living room. Perfect for entertaining!

A fun feature of this historic home (besides it being a bank, of course) is that the counters are the same marble surfaces where customers would queue to cash their cheques. The home also has the original windows and high ceilings you’d associate with a bank so the lower level gets plenty of sunlight during the day.

The master bedroom includes a wood-burning fireplace and the original wood floors. A loft can be used as a large second bedroom.

The most interesting feature of the home is the bank vault in the bathroom. Naturally, every bank has a vault and this property is no exception. Inside the home’s only bathroom is a large vault door. Perfect for placing any valuables inside!


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