Former Prime Minister Needs a New Job


Boris Johnson, the British prime minister, announced his resignation and people were not ready to let this news slide without a good laugh.

Johnson’s wax statue displayed at Madame Tussauds shifted to the front of a local job center in Blackpool. Naturally, people were pondering over his next move and decided to assist him in securing a new source of income.

Employees at the job center took advantage of the photo opportunity by posing beside the wax display. They did not need to pay for a photo at the museum as the new location delivers more memorable historic moments at no extra cost.

As for the museum, the workers added a vacancy sign temporarily to cover the open area where his statue was initially present. The sculpture will officially be removed from the display when a new politician takes over the position. Until the presidential election, people are able to admire the wax statue in the museum.

Johnson has abundant career opportunities at his disposal and it is not a flawed suggestion to explore the job market at the nearest job center. Maybe fellow job hunters can take a selfie with the actual person instead of the wax figure next time.


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