Four Pythons Removed From Family Home


Having multiple large snakes take over your back deck isn’t exactly what everyone wants to see. Unfortunately, for one Australian family, that’s exactly what happened as four large carpet pythons slithered their way onto the deck over a two to three day period.

The four snakes were seen over those three days, but the Buderim family has had a total of six snakes appear at the house over a two week period.

To get the situation under control, they called reptile specialist Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 to handle the issue and take the snakes off of their property. The company uploaded a video of catcher Stuart McKenzie grabbing two of the carpet pythons from the deck and safely releasing them back to the wild.

McKenzie had to make multiple trips to the property to catch the snakes since they could smell a female had been in the area. He called the last catch a “whopper” and mentioned it was one of the thickest snakes he has ever seen.

As part of the caption of their Facebook video, Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 said: “It’s not very often this happens but during the breeding season we regularly get called out for multiple snakes at one home.”


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