Fox Cub Rescued From Drain Hole of Discarded Sink

Being sly as a fox could land you in interesting situations. A wildlife hospital in the United Kingdom said that they were called to where a curious fox had poked its head through the drain hole of a discarded sink.

The South Essex Wildlife Hospital posted on Instagram that veterinarian Tom Linsel was summoned to “help a fox cub who had somehow managed to get his head stuck in the plughole of a sink.”

“Luckily, Tom is now quite experienced with this type of rescue and, with a little wiggling and patience, managed to get the cub free,” the post read.

The fox kit was taken back to the wildlife hospital to be treated for injuries sustained to its paws while trying to free itself from the sink. Fortunately, the hospital was successful in freeing the animal.

“Foxes always seem to find themselves in some pretty strange places, but this poor cub really did take things to a whole new level,” officials wrote.