Fox Trashes Kitchen and Refuses to Leave Home

Wild animals make terrible house guests, at least that’s what one woman discovered after she received an unexpected visitor that snuck into her home.

Emma Slade opened the door to let her dog out into the garden but didn’t realize until the morning that something else had entered when she was asleep. In the morning, the 39-year-old came downstairs to find her entire kitchen trashed by a fox who had snuck in uninvited.

Credit: Emma Slade/SWNS

The garbage was completely rooted through, the laundry was tossed all over the place and flowers were all over the sofa but the worst part was that the animal also left a big pile of poop in the middle of the kitchen floor. Overall, it took Slade and her family three hours to clean up everything.

Slade was ready to blame the dog for the disaster until she spotted a sleeping fox resting on the countertop, completely unaware of the destruction it had caused.

Even in her anger, Slade was nervous to touch or move the animal. “I was quite scared at first, but it didn’t even flinch or want to move at all,” Slade said. Eventually, her daughter’s boyfriend had the courage to pick up the fox and send it on its way.

Slade isn’t taking any chances with the fox returning either. “I’ve kept my backdoor shut since!” she said.