French Wildlife Experts Warn of ‘Drunk’ Deer


Wildlife experts in Normandy, France, are warning the public to watch out for “drunk” deer in the area. No, these deer aren’t cracking open a cold one, but they are experiencing a feeling of intoxication from munching on buds.

The 30 Million Friends Foundation, a French animal rescue group, explained that deer tend to overindulge on spring buds that are loaded with sugar. This sugar then ferments in the animals’ stomachs, making them feel “drunk” in the same way as if they had just consumed alcohol.

The deers love snacking on these buds, so it’s hard to deter them from the alkaloid substances present in them, which causes the “drunk” feeling.

“During this spring period, deer are fond of buds full of sap. By fermenting in the stomach, these buds produce the same effects as alcohol, turning the head, disorienting,” explained the firefighters of Oise. On several occasions, deer have been rescued while vibing off the sugary buds.

In actuality, the disorientation caused by the sugar can leave deers confused when returning to their natural environments and may even cause them to run in front of moving vehicles.

The 30 Million Friends Foundation recommends motorists exercise caution when driving and hikers keep their distance from these deer. It’s best to keep a safe distance from these animals while the spring buds are in season.


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