Fresh Cocaine Stocked Up at the Supermarket


Drug smuggling in Prague took an unpredictable turn when 1,851 pounds of cocaine was uncovered in a set of fresh produce boxes of bananas. The drugs arrived through Europe’s second-largest port in Hamburg and ended up in the Czech supermarkets before smugglers could get their hands on the illegal goods.

Police officers reported that supermarket workers in the capital city of Prague and the northern towns of Jicin and Rychnov nad Kneznou found packaged cocaine cubes in boxes of bananas. Officers are stuck on a scavenger hunt across other supermarkets in the country to seize any remaining drugs.

The investigation continues across the border as the police collaborate with officials in other countries to address the case matters. They said: “Information about consignments is kept outside the territory of the Czech Republic, for this reason, we will use the institute of international police and judicial cooperation. The case was taken over by the National Drug Control Center, which will conduct the investigation.”

Jakub Frydrych, the head of the police anti-narcotics unit, believes this cocaine delivery was likely from Central America.

The street value of the drugs is approximately more than $86 million. The grocery stores’ collective revenue could have spiked with the exclusive sale of powdered bananas on the black market.

Not worth the legal consequences even if the production and distribution levels are rising. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime estimates the “output of global cocaine manufacture doubled between 2014 and 2019 to reach an estimated 1,784 tons (expressed at 100 percent purity) in 2019, the highest level ever recorded.”

The monkeys need to get more strategic to get the bananas safely to the destination for the next large drug shipment.


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