Friends Accidentally Book Flights to the Wrong Country

When planning a nice getaway, it’s imperative that you have the correct location of your dream destination. A pair of friends were trying to book a flight to the city of Budapest, Hungary, but ended up in Bucharest, Romania, instead.

SopheAlice on TikTok posted a video of the entire mishap. Her friend who now lives in New Zealand planned a surprise trip that was supposed to be to Budapest when he came to visit her. When they got to the airport, it was only then that the pair realized they were headed to the wrong Eastern European country.

The TikToker filmed the pair’s while going to board the flight, which was clearly marked “Bucharest” at the gate. “They sound similar right,” she wrote as the video caption.

Since it was too late to back out, the two friends decided to still go on the trip to see what Bucharest was all about. Once there, the duo visited castles, strolled city streets, visited vintage clothing shops and checked out other cultural landmarks.

According to SopheAlice, the city was “stunning” even though it was part of a mix-up. Their pair ended up having no regrets about the getaway. “It was amazing,” SopheAlice said.