Furious Guest Crashes Sports Car Into Hotel Lobby

When difficult emotions are heightened, it can cause a person to lose their cool and blow some steam in unhealthy ways. A hotel guest at the Jinling Purple Mountain Hotel Shanghai was pushed to the edge after confronting the staff about his missing laptop. When the confrontation didn’t help in retrieving his missing possession, he drove his sports car through the hotel’s doors and erratically around its lobby.

Videos started to circulate on Twitter where a white car is seen shattering the glass doors of the central Shanghai hotel and doesn’t stop. The car then backs up and drives straight into the lobby, trampling over the objects in its way.

Witnesses were terrified by the unexpected event in the lobby and one exclaimed: “He’s going nuts!”

People did intervene and attempted to get the driver out of the crashed vehicle. “Do you have any idea what you’ve done?” a witness screamed. “Are you crazy? Are you?”

Police officers did take over and identified the driver as a 28-year-old man named Chen. His reckless driving was a result of a fight with hotel staff over the missing laptop. Fortunately, no one was hurt by the driving incident and Chen has been arrested for his irresponsible behavior.

Hotel staff did find the stolen laptop outside the hotel but Chen now has bigger problems now with the hotel damages and criminal charges.