Gardener Digs Up Hidden Treasures


A retired man in Germany had a valuable discovery in his garden where he found dozens of gold rings, necklaces, earrings and gemstones with a stack of cash. He was engaging in his gardening practices at his estate in Hanau. To his surprise, he spotted a plastic bag underneath a hedge he was trimming. Instead of enjoying his new riches, the man handed the goods over to the police officers.

The cops opened the bag to investigate the contents inside. They found gold rings, necklaces, earrings and gemstones with a combined value of $19,993. There was also cash that totaled $99,965. According to experts, the jewelry was manufactured in the United States in the 1950s and 1960s.

Local authorities and news outlets announced the discovery hoping that the owner would come to retrieve the objects. No one showed up to claim the possessions. Police officers informed the senior that he could keep all the jewelry and cash.

Offenbach police spokesman Thomas Leipold said: “Federal law says that the individual who informs the authorities about the discovery can keep it if its possessor cannot be tracked down within six months.”

A police spokesman revealed that his department has received notifications from people speculating the origins of the valuables. He said: “Someone made us aware of a burglary at Hanau barracks back in the 1980s. We were able to rule out a connection quickly since the banknotes found in the hedge last year were Euros. There haven’t been any Euro bills back then.”

Leipold mentioned the retired individual: “Informing officers at his local police station was the right thing to do. He has acted impeccably. That’s why he’s now eligible to keep it all.”

Whether or not these valuables are associated with theft, the treasures still fell into an honest man’s pocket.


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