Generous Burglar Leaves His Keys


Burglars are takers with the sole purpose of filling their pockets with valuable possessions. After all, they are not Santa, who breaks in with the noble intention of giving gifts to greedy children. Or are they?

A burglar from San Rafael, California, dropped his keys at the crime scene while robbing Johnny Doughtnuts’ office on the weekend. He was a peculiar thief who stole petty cash from the filing cabinets and walked away with just the keys to a bakery vehicle, leaving the sweet ride behind. As a bonus, he left his own keys at the place as a farewell gift.

After a change of heart, he returned to the office for the second time and grabbed his keys. He managed to work around the locks and retrieve his keys.

Lt. Dan Fink said: “Part of the investigating is finding out why this specific business was targeted.”

Craig Blum, the founder of Johnny Doughnuts, was grateful for the police support in addressing this burglary. The company plans to compensate them with a few dozen donuts. Nothing warms the heart as much as free donuts.

Blum said: “It was an unfortunate incident but we’re glad no doughnuts or team members were harmed. Sometimes even the thought of a doughnut makes you do crazy things.”

Hang on, how do you harm doughnuts? Maybe slit it a few times with a butter knife?


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