Genitals Whistle a Seductive Tune


A 72-year-old man went to the emergency room with a rare crisis for his age as he heard sounds throughout the day. The abnormal sounds were not a hearing impairment but the man did hear whistling coming from under his trousers.

How does one explain the sounds coming from a penis? Calm down, stranger. My penis is just acting up. Enjoy the music.

The melody whistling from the genitals can be explained by an uncommon condition called ‘pneumoscrotum’. It is a fancy medical term for excess air built up in his body. The air was being released through an open wound on his testicles.

A medical examination revealed that both his lungs had collapsed and reports show a significant amount of air circulating within his chest. Although there have been prior cases of air building up in the scrotum, no one reported whistling as a symptom of the condition.

Medical records displayed that the man had surgery on his genitals earlier. There was a wound present allowing the air to escape. Doctors treated the patient for three days, where they released the trapped air inside his body and addressed the collapsed lungs. He was prescribed antibiotics and urology procedures for his wound.

According to doctors: “Our patient had an open scrotal wound from a recent scrotal procedure, which allowed the air to escape from his abdominal compartment, and resulted in his concern of ‘scrotal whistling.'” Whether the air escape attenuated the patient’s presentation and led to a more favorable outcome will never be known.

The senior gets a break from the whistling. Doctors concluded that: “Nonetheless, he was successfully treated with multiple chest tubes, subcutaneous air drains, and supportive care.”

The man no longer has an excuse for catcalling the attractive grannies.


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