German Town Institutes Cat Curfew


Authorities in a southwest German town have ordered pet owners to keep their furry friends locked inside to protect a rare bird during its breeding season. That’s right, they’ve instituted a cat curfew for all felines in the area.

This curfew is designed to help save the crested lark, which makes its nest on the ground, making them easy prey for feline hunters in the area. The decline in the lark’s population throughout Western Europe has become alarming with numbers dropping to around 25%. Authorities in Walldorf wrote that “among other things, the survival of the species depends on every single chick.”

The order applies to all cats in the southern part of the town of Walldorf. The will be repeated over the next few years to get a grasp of how well the measure works.

Despite the measure being put in place to try to save these birds, cat owners have raised their tails over the curfew. With all these housebound kitties and their owners, the head of the local animal protection association plans to take legal steps to challenge the decree.

“Please remain calm. I can assure you we’ll do our best to stop this disproportionate measure,” said the man. Sounds like a complete catastrophe.


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