Get a Canine Tattoo for Free


If someone offered you a free tattoo, would you jump at the chance? A company is giving away $150 gift cards to 100 people who agree to ink their skin with images of their puppy pals.

BARK, known for its popular BarkBox pet supply subscription service, announced the contest on National Dog Day, August 26. The promotion was inspired by a tattoo one of BARK’s employees had. Lauren Diener, a social media and content manager at BARK, has a tattoo of her three-year-old pit bull Stella.

She originally told her boss, Stacie Grisson, about the idea of getting a tattoo of her pooch. Grisson was so impressed by the thought that she got BARK to pay for the tattoo.

Another coworker, Eliza Reinhardt, suggested the tattoo promotion that would allow others to get similar tattoos commemorating their dogs.

“A conversation we had in a passing moment turned into this huge thing. That was really cool,” Diener said.

Anyone interested in entering the contest has until September 2, 2022, to “share a photo of your best bud and tell us why you want ’em forever on your bod.”

According to the company’s website, the winners will be selected by the “most dog-obsessed humans on the BARK payroll.” Sounds like they have the right people on the job.


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