Get Fined for Your Stolen Trash


One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Dumping trash illegally is not something most communities take lightly. Hefty fines are given out to those that disobey the rules. One man was left angry and frustrated when get was given a fine for illegal dumping despite claiming his trash had been stolen before being dumped with cannabis and drug paraphernalia.

Dennis Spencer likes to play by the rules and claims to have never taken drugs in his life after he was issued a $475 fine by his local council. He received the penalty when a box with his name and address was found with fly-tipped garbage in the village of Blidworth, England.

The box was discovered on a secluded road along with 16 bags filled with cannabis and drug paraphernalia. The 61-year-old said he did put the box in his garbage but that it must have been moved as part of a “set up.”

“Besides, I did dispose of this rubbish, it was put in my bin god knows how long ago. How it got on top of these 16 bags of cannabis plants I’m unsure. This letter then landed through my letterbox with a summons — I wouldn’t mind but I had no idea what this was. I was left scratching my head,” Spencer said.

Spencer added: “They’ve done me under an act where you’re responsible for your own rubbish — seemingly no matter what the circumstances. It’s my problem to put my box in the bin, but it’s also my problem if someone takes it out and plants it somewhere, but they’re saying that wasn’t possible.”

Even after explaining the circumstances to his local council, Spencer was still fined for the illegal dumping. He tried to appeal the fine as well but he hasn’t heard anything from the council yet.

“I’m very passionate about recycling, I wash stuff out, put it in the right bin and make sure it’s clean, I do it on a weekly basis. It’s outrageous, it’s disgusting. I’ve been set up basically, somebody has set me up and I think I know who’s done it but I can’t prove it,” Spencer said.


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