Get Paid to Sleep


At most workplaces, sleeping on the job is prohibited. A mattress brand is breaking down all the molds and is looking to hire for a position where sleeping on is a mandatory requirement.

Casper is hiring “Casper Sleepers” who will be able to sleep for a living. According to the New York-based company’s job posting, it expects its employees to sleep “in our stores and in unexpected settings out in the world.”

Sadly, the job isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. It does require its employees to complete work when they’re awake. A main part of the job is to create social media content that shares their experience being a professional sleeper. This means showing off their sleep skills in aspiring TikTok posts.

The ideal candidate should have an “exceptional sleeping ability,” a “desire to sleep as much as possible,” and the “ability to sleep through anything.” Successful candidates will also enjoy limited free Casper products and the flexibility of a part-time schedule.

The job application is open until August 11, 2022, so make sure to get your applications for the position of a lifetime. Who wouldn’t want to wear their pajamas to work?


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