Getting a Taste of the High Life


Not many people know the feeling of having a billion dollars in their bank accounts. One man got the opportunity to become one of the richest men in the world, even if it was only for a few short hours.

Darren James became the 25th richest man in the world after a whopping $50 billion appeared in his bank account. The Louisiana man was truly shocked that something like that could’ve happened to him. “It was crazy just to see what it looks like because I’ve never seen that many zeros in my life,” James said.

Instead of thinking about how to spend his newfound fortune, James took the high road and contacted his bank, Chase, to get the money returned to the rightful owner. Perhaps having a former job in law enforcement led him to take the right action since keeping the money would be considered theft. “We knew it wasn’t ours. We didn’t earn it, so we couldn’t do anything with it,” he said.

Once the bank was alerted, they were able to get to work on transferring the funds back. A few days later, the money was gone, just as quick as it came. Despite the speedy work, the bank never revealed where the money came from or how the error came about.

James does have some nice plans for if he did somehow come across that much cash. He planned to donate the money to the less fortunate. “I would bless other people — to give people hope that there is positive in this world. That’s what my biggest dream is,” James said.


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