Giant Walrus Sculpture Revealed in Norway

A walrus that was spotted riding the waves in an Oslo fjord last year, won the hearts of many people across the globe. Unfortunately, the walrus had to be euthanized by officials because people hadn’t followed the advisory to keep a safe distance away from the animal. The walrus had to be put down for public safety and officials eventually paid a tribute to the animal with a bronze sculpture in Norway.

To honor the popular marine mammal, Norwegian artist Astri Tonoian created a life-size sculpture at the Oslo marina. The massive walrus statue was unveiled to the audience with people removing the cover and leaving a rose in its memory.

Credit: Annika Byrde/NTB Scanpix via AP

The walrus was named Freya and Oslo residents developed a soft spot for the creature. Although the walrus was gaining admiration from people, Norwegian authorities made the tough decision to euthanize it. People were livid to find out the animal had been killed.

Norwegian news agency NTB launched a crowdfunding campaign to pool together the necessary funds to create the sculpture. “The private initiative managed to gather about 270,000 Norwegian kroner ($25,000) by October,” NTB said.

The sculpture evokes a heavy mood in those who had come to develop a liking for the animal. Freya’s memories will be cherished with the public display.