Goat Arrested After Terrorizing Town

Goats tend to have a mind of their own, which definitely adds up. A goat had to be arrested by sheriff’s deputies after it was continuously terrorizing residents in a town.

The goat, aptly nicknamed Billy, was caught by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office in Tonopah, Arizona, around 50 miles west of Phoenix. The department shared their arrest on Twitter, saying that the goat had started its reign of terror by damaging a garage door.

The goat didn’t stop there. Billy also chewed through an electrical cord and chased a person around their car. To finish off with a flourish, the goat “assaulted one of our deputies by urinating on them.” Classic G.O.A.T. behaviour.

According to the sheriff’s office: “Special handcuffs were retrieved and Billy was restrained for Livestock Control to pick up the next morning. Billy was charged with trespassing, assault, criminal damage and disorderly conduct.”

Social media got a laugh out of the entire incident. One person commented: “Free Billy,” while another wrote: “Billy will take a Plea Deal, the County Attorney will drop the other charges and he gets Supervised Probation for 1 year.”