Goat Escapes for a Second Time


Sometimes, animals like to craft daring escapes from their homes but end on a high note by escaping once. A goat decided it enjoyed the taste of freedom and escaped for a second time.

The goat originally ran through the downtown of Cartagena, Spain, to see what the locals were all about. It broke into a jewelry store during its time in the area before being captured. The animal was taken to Jose Rosas’ farm in the Escarihuelas area while authorities attempt to find the owner.

The male Iberian goat was placed in a field with a flock of sheep during this waiting period. Less than 24 hours after coming to the farm, the shepherds looking after the sheep discovered the goat was missing. “The goat did not graze with the sheep and moved away,” Rosas said.

After searching for hours with the help of local authorities, the goat was located and brought back to the farm. Police said they did not know where the goat originally came from before appearing in Cartagena. The question is, will the little guy try escaping again?


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