Goat vs. The Russian Army


A goat caused a bit of trouble for the Russian army when it triggered tripwires with pinned grenades in a Ukrainian village. The village of Kinski Rozdory in Zaporizhzhia Oblast was the site of several Russian servicemen getting injured by the blasts.

Ukraine’s Chief Intelligence Directorate shared information about the incident that happened at a local hospital. They claimed that a total of 40 invaders had been stationed at the medical institution. The hospital was surrounded by the Russian military when they installed a “circular defence” and placed tripwires around the outside of the building.

A goat from a neighboring farm threw a wrench into their plans when he decided to take a stroll to the hospital. Frightened by the ongoing war, the animal moved around the area in a chaotic manner and accidentally “disposed of” multiple grenades set up by the enemy.

The goat’s actions wounded several Russian soldiers to varying degrees. Unfortunately, it’s unknown as the whether or not the animal survived the incident.


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