Going Hungry for Tesla


Some Tesla owners have chosen to go hungry, not because they can’t afford the car but out of anger over the car’s multiple faults. Disgruntled Tesla owners have carried out a hunger strike in hopes that their protest grabs the company’s attention.

A Norwegian group carried out the protest after claiming they found multiple faults with their vehicles. Why Norway you ask? The country has the most Teslas per capita in the world and the owners want their problems to be taken seriously. The protest lasted a solid 24 hours and took place on August 27 and 28.

The group created a list of 29 alleged complaints according to their website involving cold weather issues, customer service complaints, tech problems and pieces on the car not working correctly. Some of the problems on the list include the following:

  • The car won’t start in cold weather.
  • Intense squeaking noise.
  • “Bubbles” in seats.
  • Autopilot does not work.
  • Internet is slow and does not work as it ought to.
  • Doors that open by themselves.
  • The computer does not work.
  • Problems charging.
  • Rust problems on new cars (especially Model 3).
  • Lower battery life than Tesla claims.
  • Not all problems are solved when the car is serviced.
  • Tesla promises to contact you, but you do not hear from them.
  • You have to wait on the phone for a long time before Tesla answers.

News from the hunger strike reached social media, which is coincidentally around the same time that Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla, tweeted about fasting, writing: “On advice of a good friend, I’ve been fasting periodically & feel healthier.” Those involved in the protest saw it as a “cruel subtweet” regarding their mission.

“We are hoping to get Elon’s attention so he will start to pay attention to his Norwegian customers. Customers that love the car and many who want to continue being Tesla customers but are plagued with endless repairs and an in many cases unresponsive support centers,” Spokesman Erlend Mørch said.

It seems like these Tesla owners have a bit of work to go before their complaints are dealt with. Despite Tesla being the largest electric vehicle provider in Norway, other options are certainly available as more companies make the switch to EVs.


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