Going the Distance to Find Missing AirPods


How much would you spend to track down a pair of missing AirPods? Losing Apple AirPods are one of the easiest things to do considering how small they are. One man was desperate enough to spend over $2,000 to find his exact pair of AirPods instead of spending $150 to replace them.

Lewis Ellis left his AirPod headphones on a flight from Bangkok to Doha, Qatar, in April 2022. Staff wouldn’t let him back on the flight to grab them so someone decided to pick up the freebies for themselves.

Ellis thought he’d get them back once inside the airport but ended up having to leave after four hours of no luck. After checking the Find My app on his phone, Ellis could see his headphones jet-setting across the globe.

To create content for his YouTube channel and try to make a “badvertising” campaign for a product he loved, Ellis set off on a journey that involved flying 4,000 miles and set him back more than $2,700.

“I then had the joy of watching them travel the world for no less than five months. I don’t know who took them but my AirPods went on the holiday of a lifetime. I watched as they flew from Qatar to Katmandu, before heading to a small village in the Himalayan mountains overlooking Nepal.

“They then took a short jaunt to Thailand before finally coming to rest back in Doha. I just couldn’t stand it any longer — so I decided to track them down,” Ellis said.

Keeping a close eye on the Find My app, Ellis, a friend and a local man the pair met in Doha went “hunting” for the lost Apple product together. The trio managed to track the AirPods to an apartment block, before going floor-to-floor trying to connect to them via Bluetooth. Eventually, they made a connection.

“We knew they were inside and I was determined to get them back. I would go back every day of the trip until I got them. I had the box with the serial number on it so was ready to prove they were mine,” Ellis said.

Several people were staying in the apartment and the headphones were handed over without any incident. The group all high-fived and when they went to leave one person apologized for the inconvenience of the trip.

Ellis was more than happy to spend around $2,700 on flights, accommodations and food with no regrets about the journey.


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