Google Mistakenly Gives Out $250,000


Sending over $200,000 to a random person and not caring too much about getting it back is apparently something Google would do. A cybersecurity professional was gifted nearly $250,000 by the tech giant, which was the “result of human error.”

Sam Curry, a staff security engineer at Yuga Labs and tweeted that Google sent $249,999 into his bank account without explanation and that he never heard a response from the company after three weeks of multiple contact attempts.

In the past, Curry has completed bug hunting projects for tech companies like Google but he wasn’t able to find a link between a recent project and the random payment.

According to a Google spokesperson, the payment was indeed an internal error that the company is now looking to correct. “Our team recently made a payment to the wrong party as the result of human error. We appreciate that it was quickly communicated to us by the impacted partner, and we are working to correct it,” they said.

Curry eventually heard back about his inquiries but it still took way longer than it should have to return that much money. “Google did indeed contact me and I’m going to head into the bank today to pay it back,” Curry said.


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