Grandmother Accidentally Purchases X-Rated Book for Grandchild


A grandmother made the mistake of accidentally buying an adult-only book as a present for her granddaughter.

Sue Mackay was looking to purchase an Enid Blyton book for her seven-year-old granddaughter Skyla-Rae Muttram. She decided that Five Get Gran Online sounded like a good title for her granddaughter to start with.

Mackay and her own daughter, Jade, have both enjoyed reading Enid Blyton books when they were younger, and Mackay only wanted to continue with the tradition by getting her granddaughter to read them as well.

On the inside of the front cover, she lovingly wrote the note: “When I was a little girl these were my favourite books, I hope you enjoy.”

After giving the wonderful present away, Mackay was satisfied with the result until her daughter received a note about the book from school. The note from Skyla-Rae’s teacher said that the book was “inappropriate for children” and contained swear words like “b***ocks” and “b***ard”.

Mackay mistakenly purchased a book from a series called Enid Blyton for Grown Ups written by Bruno Vincent.

Jade continued: “Skyla-Rae ran home with the book [in her hand] and she was waving it in my face and said, ‘Mum, this looks like an old book but it’s not, it’s a new one and it’s inappropriate’.

“The teacher had said it had got swearing in it and my daughter, who is older than her years, bless her heart, came in telling me off and gave me a good what for [over it].

“I said ‘no it’s not, what are you talking about?’ I still didn’t see anything wrong with it until the teacher messaged me that night and I thought I’d better have a look at it.”

After calling her mother up, both Mackay and Jade were mortified as to how this happened. Mackay explained how she found out from her daughter about the X-rated book. “Jade FaceTimed me and I was like ‘oh my god what have I done?'”

Although the mishap occurred with the Enid Blyton books, it seems like the family might be sticking with  David Walliams in the future.


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