Grandmother Threatens Police with “White Witchery”


A grandmother is now facing her own felony charges after threatening an officer with what she calls “white witchery” if they didn’t drop her grandson’s drug charges.

Celestia Barker III, 74, of Williamsburg, called up the Hollidaysburg Police while she was at UPMC Altoona to ask an officer if they could drop felony charges against her grandson. She claimed he only had a small amount of marijuana and a pipe.

As the conversation continued, Barker allegedly told the officer that she practices “witch” activities, which she would use if he failed to complete her request. She went on to say she wasn’t threatening anyone, rather just “making statements” about the situation, according to the charges filed.

The officer hung up the phone, but Barker proceeded to call back on numerous occasions. Court records show she called Blair County Dispatch three different times, one in which she spoke to a dispatcher for 23 minutes about using her “white witchery.”

When questioned by state police, Barker replied with: “Yes, I did do that. Is there a law against it?” After she was informed that there was, in fact, a law against it, Barker explained that she practices “white witchery” and that they “best be looking over their shoulder.”

Barker is now facing her own felony charge of threatening unlawful harm to a public servant to the judicial process and released on $10,000 unsecured bail.


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