Groom Abandoned Bride After His Mother Called Her Ugly


A bride’s wedding day is often the best day of her life. That wasn’t the case for a Tunisian woman after she was dumped at the altar because her would-be mother-in-law thought she was short and ugly.

Lamia al-Labawi took to Facebook to share her sad story about what ended up being the worst day of her life. She wrote that she and her partner had been dating for four years and were supposed to be married. Everything had already been arranged for the wedding, with the two of them spending a lot of money to make their special day happen perfectly.

Apparently, they hadn’t taken into account the sway a mother can have on her children. The bride had never met her fiance’s mother in person before. Instead of welcoming her with open arms, the woman immediately disliked her future daughter-in-law.

As the wedding was underway, with all the guests present for the ceremony, the mother approached her son and asked him to cancel the wedding. She claimed that the bride was “too short and ugly” and wasn’t worth marrying.

Instead of taking the bride’s side, the groom actually agreed with his mother despite the pleas of several wedding guests. He abandoned al-Labawi at the altar and left with his mother.

After sharing her story on social media, al-Labawi received several messages of support. Many people wanted her to know that the groom clearly wasn’t worth marrying if he was able to give up a four-year relationship like it was nothing.

Tunisian theater actor Hedi Al-Mejri had some encouraging words for the woman: “With love and brotherhood, I tell you, raise your head and face the world with all your might. You did not lose a man. You lost an object that could have been a curse in your life. You gained irreplaceable comfort and freedom. Do not be broken and do not say that you are an orphan.”


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