Groom Works on Laptop During Wedding

Working from home can have its benefits but for your wedding day, it might be time to take a break. A workaholic groom was snapped using his laptop while the rituals were taking place, taking work from home a bit too seriously.

The meme-worthy photo shows a groom seated in the mandap, along with two priests. As the priest performs rituals, the man can be seen working on his laptop. Though it’s unclear what he was working on, it’s safe to assume it must be important.

The image was shared on social media with the caption: “When ‘work from home’ stretches you to the next level.” The post received more than 10,000 likes and while some users found it funny, others did not see it as a great way for the couple to start their marriage.

One user commented: “I don’t find this funny. No organization asks an employee to work on their wedding days, this person needs to get a life and learn work-life balance if this is really true and not staged! God bless the woman he’s marrying.”

Another person was a bit more understanding to the man: “Completely agree. I am working with an IT firm and trust me it’s so relatable. I keep my laptop in every possible place to ensure timely delivery of my work.”

Maybe this man should marry the laptop instead of his soon-to-be wife since he’ll most likely be spending more time with the electronic device in the future.