Groom’s Family: Pay Up or Goodbye


In most traditional Indian weddings, the musical band is an absolute necessity. The musicians play tunes to liven up the venue with the beat of their drums. No wedding would be complete without those loud beats to lead a marching crowd of guests.

In one exceptional scenario, the wedding itinerary could have opted out of this band. A brass band in Saharanpur, India, was performing at a wedding ceremony and the event was going well until they demanded compensation for their performance.

A wedding dispute unfolded between the groom’s side of the family and the bride’s side of the family. Who is responsible for setting the entertainment expenses?

The groom arranged for the band but that was as for as his efforts reached. Their compensation would not be his problem. The groom’s family urged the bride’s family to pay the expenses for the band.

The bride’s family kept their wallets shut as they were not ready to take on this additional cost without a fight. The dispute did not reach a positive outcome, and the groom dramatically ripped his necklace off his neck. His ego was too bruised to overcome this financial distress. In his eyes, the bride is not worth the band’s costs. Why pay up when you can find a new wife?

The bride cut ties with the groom and both families parted their separate ways.

Both wedding parties may have dodged a bullet. At least the groom walked away before the wedding vows rather than five years into the marriage for future financial conflicts.


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