Guests at Thailand Hotel Spot Snake in Pool

A slithering snake puts a thrilling start to a relaxing vacation, as tourists in Thailand were panicking at the sight of a large snake swimming in their hotel’s pool.

Elisabeth Elektra, a social media influencer, shared a TikTok video of the pool intruder and it was a lit night with colorful lights shining on the snake’s adventures. The caption of the video read: “I’m on holiday in Thailand and there’s a 12-foot snake in the swimming pool.”

The video revealed a staff member getting help from the other crew and bringing in a net to catch the snake. It wasn’t an easy target, as it escaped the net and enjoyed the water.

Eventually, the staff members got a hold of the snake and the video continued: “The hotel staff moved it to safety, one of them stroked its head as they moved it to reassure it.”

People may stay far away from Thailand. A viewer wrote: “Yep, looks like I’m not going to Thailand” and another person added: “OFFICIALLY DELETED FROM MY HOLIDAY LIST.”

Some defended the animal whose just trying to have a good time: “The snake is also on a vacation.”

Another teased: “Special show from hotel, hope you enjoy.”