Gutsy Driver Seeks a Dramatic Climax


Alejandro Zapata-Rebello is a 30-year-old adventure junkie who gets a kick out of racing the streets. The higher the speedometer, the more dopamine that gets released in his body.

It doesn’t matter if there are other drivers on the road who value their lives. Any consideration for their safety is brushed to the side while his thrill-seeking needs take priority. His driving style left the cops baffled when they spotted the darting sports car in their vicinity.

Trooper Shawn Slaney, from Trooper F, was an officer on duty at I-93 northbound in Ashland, New Hampshire, when Zapata-Rebello’s orange sports car sped past him at a ridiculously high speed. The speed limit for that road is 70 MPH and Slaney caught him speeding at 161 MPH. Slaney was not ready to risk his life on the road to chase after a reckless driver so he alerted a Be On The Lookout (BOLO) notice to area law enforcement.

Woodstock Police Department stepped in to assist and positioned themselves along the highway. They tracked the orange car driving at a lower speed than the previous recorded speed — 130 MPH. The police officers held the vehicle and driver under their watch till Trooper Slaney arrived at the scene.

This incident is not a scene out of Fast and Furious 10 and the speeding will not gain him a dedicated fan following. His erratic driving got him a few criminal charges related to reckless driving and disobeying an officer.


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