Half a House for the Heartbroken Homeowner


Architecture tells a story behind the bricks, and every good real estate agent investigates the story before closing the sale. A real estate agent sought to uncover the mystery of why a post-war bungalow near Wollongong, NSW, was missing the other half.

There are public speculations regarding the history but no one is sure about the reason behind the perceived split.

After 26 years, the eccentric one-bedroom home is hitting the market for interested buyers to seize the unique property. Luke Veleski, First National Real Estate Wollongong, said: “In my opinion, this is one of the top listings I’ve ever had the privilege of being the listing agent.”

Veleski is busy completing the procedures to get this house into the market but he knows the buyers will be interested in the history of the half-house. It’s embarrassing for an agent to act clueless. For all he knows, twisted lovers influenced the design of the house with their destructive passion.

“I’d like to get to know the real reason so that when someone asks me how it became the half-house I can give the real reason to it,” he explained.

In his search, Veleski found the original floor plan from 1951, which featured a three-bedroom home. “From what was built compared to the plan you can identify where the cut-off point was and still to this day no one still knows why it wasn’t completed,” he said.

Social media must have answers, so he posted his request to a local history group on Facebook. It read: “This is a bit of a long shot but I’m trying to see if anyone knew the original owners of this iconic half-a-house in North Warrawong.”

A local replied: “Looks like a divorce to me.”

Another person wrote: “Maybe a settlement. Each got half of everything.”

The family drama never ends. “Two brothers, one refused or contested a will and basically cut, then took his half elsewhere,” one man wrote.

People thought the family did not have the necessary capital and resources to complete the plan. “Way back then there were lots of ‘half houses’, materials were short after WWII. Most people finished them as the materials and money became available,” one person commented.

The structural design of the house still remains a mystery. It could be a result of broken hearts or broken wallets.


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