Hamster Reaches New Frontier


A hamster has now gone where no other hamster has ventured before. After being launched into the stratosphere on a flying balloon, a hamster has successfully returned to Earth.

The animal astronaut reached a maximum altitude of 14 miles and was rescued from the sea off Japan’s Miyako Island.

Iwatani Giken was the company behind the fearless flight. According to them, the hamster was safe and secure in an airtight cabin that was around 23.6 inches high and 19.7 inches in diameter. This ensured the hamster had the same atmospheric pressure and temperature as the ground.

Nothing out of the ordinary at all, except that the hamster is flying miles and miles above the Earth.

The balloon was launched from Miyakojima, a city in Okinawa Prefecture. On average, the craft climbed 20.7 feet per second. Not bad for a balloon.

As for how the hamster is feeling after its historic flight, the rodent is in good health. At one point, the camera installed inside the cabin showed the animal taking a snooze during takeoff. After his wild adventure to the unknown, who knows what the critter will get up to next.


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