Happy National Flip a Coin Day!

Feeling lucky? Or incapable of making decisions? Celebrating National Flip a Coin Day might just be for you!

Every June 1, Flip a Coin Day is celebrated as a day where the history and significance of coin tosses are highlighted. Coin flips have constantly been a vital tool throughout history in helping make decisions. They can date back to 600-527 B.C. when the Greeks used to play something similar called ‘The Shell Game.’ Moving forward, it looks like the coin toss will not only be a part of our history but our future as well.

Coin flipping is the most often game of chance used by people trying to make important decisions. Heck, it’s still used in professional football, soccer and cricket today. A coin toss is seen as a way for a higher power to make the ultimate ruling as to what the right choice actually is.

There are a handful of coin tosses that have made history for good and bad reasons. In 1903, it was a successful coin toss that allowed Wilbur Wright to be the first between him and his brother to attempt to fly. On the other hand, the singer Ritchie Valens lost his life after a fateful coin toss placed him on the same plane that killed Buddy Holly and others.

The origins of Flip a Coin Day are inconsistent but the day was formed and is celebrated across the United States. Despite a pretty even game of chance, a coin toss isn’t actually 50/50. It’s more similar to 51/49 since a coin tends to fall towards the heavier side when flipped.

To participate in Flip a Coin Day is super simple. Instead of figuring out the pros and cons of a difficult choice, why not leave your fate up to the luck of a simple coin toss for the day. The only question that remains is: heads or tails?