Happy National No Pants Day!


A special holiday in May brings a new tradition and a whole lot of fun. No, not Mother’s Day or Patriot’s Day, but National No Pants Day!

Every year, on the first Friday in May, No Pants Day is celebrated as a day to drop your trousers in public. Just make sure you’re wearing some underwear first.

National No Pants Day was first started in Austin, Texas, in the 1980s. A club at the University of Texas named the Knighthood of Buh wanted to celebrate the end of their semester, as well as freedom from conforming to societal norms. After finishing their finals, they ditched their drawers and walked through the campus in their undergarments.

In 2021, 25 comic strips observed No Pants Day and encouraged readers to donate to charities, such as Dress for Success and Room to Grow, which provide clothes to those in need.

Although this fun day started as a way to let out some steam after exams, it’s now grown to where several parts of the United States, Canada, Britain, France, Finland, Sweden and Australia have all started to celebrate.

If you’re thinking of celebrating but are uncomfortable swapping your jeans for underwear, that’s no problem. Many people chose to wear shorts, a skirt, or a dress instead of restricting trousers. As long as you stay away from pants, you’re good to go!


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