Hardcore Fan Gets Face Tattoo With Elon Musk’s Name

Elon Musk has made a name for himself with his professional achievements that put him in the top tier of the business world. Rodrigo America, an Elon Musk fan from Belo Horizonte in Brazil, paid tribute to his idol with a permanent tattoo of Elon Musk’s name inked to his face.

The Instagram influencer with over 490,000 followers shared his thoughts: “Elon Musk, for me, has no explanation. What he’s doing, what he’s going to do, taking human beings to Mars, his name will go down in history. He is an inspiration to me.”

The name is written in bold black letters along with a rocket ship to the right. There are aliens drawn on his cheeks for that added space vibe.

Credit: Rodrigo America

There is a motive behind the crazy obsession. The body art is Rodrigo’s form of drawing attention to himself to get the attention of the multi-millionaire. His hope is to land a trip to Mars with the company SpaceX and meet those aliens in real life.

Prior to life on social media, he was a prison officer who quit to chase his dreams. He explained: “In 2016, I was a prison officer. I was sitting for two hours when a small thing with a big head passed in front of me, and I heard a voice saying, ‘Seek knowledge.’ After that day, I asked to leave, I didn’t want to work in the system anymore.”

Rodrigo has family support as he said: “I have a 20-year-old daughter, she knows all of this. She knows that if I go to Mars one day, it will be for the good of humanity.”

You can go through years of struggle to build a legacy and name for yourself. Or you can take someone else’s name and call it a life. Rodrigo chose the latter option and time will tell whether his crazy obsession actually pays off.