Hardware Store Uses Sign to Leave Joke for Customer

Sign wars between local businesses have been going on for years but what happens when a hardware store takes a different approach? A Home Hardware in Ontario, Canada, used its outdoor sign to advertise a regular customer’s order.

The Home Hardware Building Centre in Wiarton shared the message “Kevin… your vacuum is here” on the building’s outdoor sign to ensure the customer would pick up his order that finally arrived. Kevin then shared the picture of the sign on Reddit with the caption: “I’m the Kevin from this sign….AMA!”

Kevin explained in the comments that he had ordered a Dewalt 20V DCV58OH vacuum, which he needed for the wood shop he teaches in. “It was actually a bit of a planned joke,” Kevin said. “I ordered the vacuum back in early December but Dewalt products can sometimes take a while to get brought to the Home Hardware location.”

He would head into the store “a few times weekly” to pick up other supplies but he would always be granted with the bad news about his vacuum. “‘Vacuum still not here.’ ‘Didn’t show up this week,’ ‘I guess next week now,'” Kevin added.

The store and dealer-owner Alan Sutter said that he and his brother joked about changing the sign a month before they actually put up the message. “It’s pretty amazing, we definitely didn’t expect it to take off the way it has,” Sutter said.

He added: “We’ve never done anything like that before, we just always have whatever’s on sale on the sign. We thought only one person would really get the joke and that’s the person who it was intended for.”

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/ontario/comments/10jsns1/im_the_kevin_from_this_signama/