Hate Your Neighbor’s Chicken? Pee On Them


If they stoop low, you go lower.

Christine Terman, a 57-year-old woman from Florida, was furious that her neighbor’s chicken was repeatedly pooping on the back patio. Her rational reaction was to grab a bucket of pee from her bathroom and drench Lawrence Stenzel, the chicken’s owner, with the disgusting liquid.

Terman took the bucket of pee, walked out on the back patio and threw the full bucket at Stenzel. Stenzel realized this was no ordinary thunderstorm since rain doesn’t have an awful odor. The bucket fell smack in Stenzel’s face causing him pain and discomfort.

When the sheriff’s deputy found Stenzel, he was completely wet and reeked of urine.

Police charged Terman with a misdemeanor battery following a confrontation at the Palm Haven Mobile Home Park in St. Petersburg.

The question still remains: How did Terman have the bucket lying around in her bathroom to throw at Stenzel?

After having her rights read to her, Terman did confess to her misconduct Deputy Levi Blake reported. She was arrested with her boyfriend and partner in crime, Kevin Avery. He was allegedly threatening Stenzel in the presence of police.

Terman was released shortly after posting the $500 bond, and the chicken remains clueless at home, still pooping on the back patio (possibly).


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