Haunted Doll Seen Pushing Another Toy on Camera


The world’s most possessed doll is at it again after being seen pushing another toy on camera. Matt Paranormal, a paranormal investigator, believes that his possessed doll, Annie, was seen pushing his other haunted doll, Emily Rose.

In CCTV footage shared by Paranormal, the moment Emily Rose is thrown from her stand onto the table is captured. The glass container she’s normally kept in was smashed, despite being a “really flat base.”

After the incident occurred, Paranormal checked the area to see if there could have been any other causes that might have led to Emily Rose’s fall. The 34-year-old even went as far as to inspect loose floorboards, but there was nothing to suggest that is what caused the fall.

Credit: Matt Paranormal/CATERS NEWS

He believes the fall might have been a result of jealousy Annie has towards Emily Rose. Annie recently made headlines for being the world’s most possessed doll, but would like to remain the center of attention despite Paranormal’s newest addition to his collection.

Matt described the situation: “Emily Rose is a new addition to our HQ and I don’t think that Annie likes the attention that Emily Rose gets. I think she could be jealous of her and there could be some sort of war going on between them.

“I was tidying up the HQ when all of a sudden Emily Rose’s container came crashing down as if she was pushed. As soon as it happened I stood still and stared because I was just taken aback by what had just happened.

“It was a jumpy moment and I couldn’t believe what had happened. After it happened we were walking around the room, jumping up and down and checking for loose floorboards to see if that could have caused it, but it didn’t tell us anything.

“Nothing moved or fell as we did that and Emily Rose’s cage was on a tripod with a really flat base, so something else must have caused the fall.”

Emily Rose is a Victorian doll and is owned by Matt’s colleague, Sandra. They believe she is from the 1800s. Matt and his team are currently investigating the doll after people have reported headaches and heart palpations when they’re near her. The group doesn’t have a history of her since she was bought from a flea market.

Paranormal added: “Emily Rose gives off a really sad vibe. We know her name as it came through the spirit portal in a girl’s voice.

“I think that Emily Rose has made Annie jealous because she is also attracting people’s attention when they come into the HQ.”


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