Helicopter Flight Path in Malta Resembles a Penis

Children are filled with curiosity and a wild imagination. Many of us had those moments as a child where we turn our necks back while we try to make out the shape of the clouds. A pilot let his imagination run wild in a public way while he was on the job. A helicopter pilot caused a stir of emotions after their flight path looked like a giant penis in the skies above Malta.

A pilot took a scandalous turn when he drew a penis for entertainment in the clouds. It was an intentional drawing since the pilot was aware that flight tracking technology would be able to witness the art project.

The penis drawing was picked up by a flight tracking site called Flightradar24, which posted the helicopter’s path on Twitter. You can see the white and yellow squiggles that make out a penis over the country.

This penis was brought to life by Flight AS1429, which was reported to have been carried out by an AW139 helicopter. The flight was taken over the Maltese Island of Comino and the pilot decided to execute his drawing, leaving users speechless at his high level of accuracy.

A statement from the Armed Forces of Malta dismissed the sexual nature of the drawing. They said: “The flight tracking shown was segmented as the helicopter was flying low altitude and did not show the completed flight path.”

Whether or not it was meant to have a sexual vibe, it’s hard to get one’s head out of the gutter after this interpretation.

Source: https://twitter.com/flightradar24/status/1614734064358985728