Herd of Sheep Leave People Frightened of Apocalypse

If you see a herd of sheep following each other in a circular formation for ten straight days, would you assume they are possessed, take it as a sign of an impending apocalypse, or dismiss it as nothing out of the ordinary?

A sheep version of follow the leader may leave a spooked social media user. According to a tweet, sheep in Mongolia have been strolling in a coordinated manner where they follow each other to form a circle. Based on his post, they continue doing this for ten days with no signs of taking a break.

The caption for the post read: “A flock of Sheep in Inner Mongolia have been walking in a circle for over 10 days straight and no one knows why.”

The joke might be on the poster since people argue that’s normal behavior. There’s a reason we adopt the term herd mentality from sheep. A person replied with over 4,000 likes: “It might be because they’re sheep and following is kinda what they do.”

While another user brought Jesus into this mix with sheep: “Be prepared for the return of Christ as your days are numbered. Do not ignore the signs. Science is not real.”

Another wrote: “I’d be more concerned if they were walking in a triangle.”

One person may have the answer: “What do you mean no one knows why? This has happened before. ‘There is a disease that causes some animals to appear disorientated and start circling. Listeriosis can inflame one side of the brain and cause the sheep to behave in an odd way. Recovery is rare.'”