Heroic Cat Comes to the Rescue


When cats are doing more to save lives than the health care system, it seems like there’s a problem. A hero cat saved his owner’s life by pounding his paws on her chest to wake her up after she suffered a heart attack in the middle of the night.

Sam Felstead was asleep one evening when she was woken up by her seven-year-old cat Billy. The 42-year-old realized she couldn’t move her body and had shooting pain in her side. She called her mother for help, who rushed her to the hospital when they found out it would be a two-hour wait for an ambulance.

Doctors told her she had suffered a heart attack in her sleep. Felstead swears it was Billy’s swift actions that ended up saving her life. “I was a bit shocked, I went to bed and I felt fine… Suddenly I woke up in the early hours covered in sweat and couldn’t move.

“Billy was on my chest and was meowing loudly in my ear hole. He was really meowing. He doesn’t do that normally, he sleeps all day and all night, that’s his life. He wouldn’t leave me,” Felstead said.

She added: “He’s never woken me up in the night before, he never bothers you. He doesn’t wake you up for food.”

After arriving at the hospital, doctors found one of Felstead’s arteries was blocked, which caused the mild heart attack. She spent three days in the hospital before she could reunite with Billy and thank him for what he did.

“When I came home at first he wasn’t bothered, he completely ignored me. He’s just the same now, I just try to give him a bit more love. I’m grateful towards him as I didn’t know if I’d have woken up,” Felstead said.


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