Heroic Firefighters: What Is This Odd Smell?


American Airlines Flight 563 landed at Charlotte Douglas International Airport in North Carolina. Passengers exited the aircraft shortly after landing safely. Once the cabin crew members opened the luggage compartment, they picked up a strange odor.

They couldn’t identify the cause behind the lingering smell so they called emergency respondents for assistance. If the peculiar smell could potentially be a dangerous safety hazard, they might as well turn the matters over to the skilled workers.

Five fire trucks arrived promptly to investigate the case of the mysterious odor. Was it rotten food leftovers or a dirty baby diaper? What is causing the flight attendants to scrunch their noses in suspicion and disgust?

“Firefighters arrived, checked out the hold, and discovered one of the containers inside the hold contained a bottle of nail polish that had broken,” the spokesperson said. “The smell was from the broken bottle of polish. No one was injured and the plane is back in service.”

It’s hard to imagine someone getting injured by nail polish. Ugly nails may be a crisis to a posh woman, but we certainly don’t need firefighters to save us from that crisis.


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