Hey, That’s Not Your Kidney


Humans can live without one of their kidneys but it’s common sense to make sure the organ isn’t taken without consent. A woman is accusing her husband of stealing and then selling one of her kidneys without her approval.

Ranjita Kundu claimed her husband stole and then sold her kidney on the black market four years ago. The woman from Kodameta, India, only recently became aware of his actions after seeing a doctor for abdominal pain. The doctor informed her that she only had one kidney.

Apparently, back in 2018, Ranjita was taken to the hospital to undergo surgery to remove kidney stones when in actuality, her husband arranged for one of her kidneys to be removed so he could sell it. “I was unaware of the whole incident as I was administered anesthesia. My husband has sold the kidney to one Asim Haldar of MV-38 village in our district,” Ranjita said.

Ranjita has been married to her husband, Prasant Kundu, for 12 years and the couple had two children together. Ranjita said that Prasant is a Bangladeshi national who had been staying in her village as an illegal immigrant. Eight months ago, he abandoned the family to run off with another woman.

Around the time the kidney was removed, the couple were having constant arguments, which may have given Prasant the motive to steal and sell Ranjita’s kidney to obtain the money he felt he was owed.

With nothing to lose, Ranjita filed a complaint against both her husband and sister-in-law, claiming they were the ones that created the elaborate plot to steal her kidney without her consent using forged documents.

Police have since taken Prasant into custody and are reportedly looking into the matter. An investigation is underway with “the complainant’s husband and sister-in-law will be interrogated and necessary action will be taken,” the inspector in charge of the case told TOI.


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