Hidden Strike | Get The Flick Outta Here #64

It’s been a while since we did one of these.

Initially, we thought we might do this more often; we’d check and see what new movies are trending on the major streaming services and provide a public service — telling you, the viewer, whether these new films were worth watching.

The first time we did this was the last time we did this: “Senior Year” was so bad that we decided maybe we shouldn’t do this again. Like EVER again.

Well, it’s been so long that we sort of… forgot… that we vowed never to do this again? So that brings us to “Hidden Strike,” the new Netflix buddy-action movie starring Jackie Chan & John Cena, which WWE has been touting on the air as “The Number 1 Movie On Netflix, In America, And Around The World.”

Now, while that might be true, all it proves is that there’s no accounting for taste.

This is a giant bloated movie that doubtlessly cost well over a hundred million dollars and apparently forgot to hire a scriptwriter. John Cena hams it up for laughs and Jackie Chan fights a guy for 10 minutes while hanging from bouncy cables and covered in fire extinguisher foam, but I still don’t think I know what the heck was going on.

I guess we’ll try to make sense of it. Together.

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