Hiker Spends 23 Hours on Trail After Taking Shortcut


Sometimes taking a shortcut isn’t for the best. A hiker learned his lesson when he attempted to take a shortcut on the Missouri Gulch trail in Colorado but was left stranded for 23 hours.

The man was hiking with his dog and another person over the weekend when the pair were separated before completing their summit. The man’s hiking partner reverted back to their starting point but after not hearing back for 10 hours, he reported his companion missing.

Rescuers arrived at the scene in the early morning where they spoke to campers in the area. Thankfully, the man had been seen in the area and the crews got to work searching. They eventually spotted the man near a creek with his dog.

“Both were uninjured, just exhausted, having been on the trail for almost 23 hours,” the Chaffee County Search and Rescue North team said in a statement on their Facebook page.

The man told rescuers he was looking for a shortcut in order to save time before he got stuck on the trail. “He descended the Belford Gulch drainage (where there is no established trail/route), arriving at the base of the basin late evening.

“However, due to the high water levels, he couldn’t cross the creek, and had to bushwhack back through rough terrain to try and regain the route,” rescuers said.

The rescue crew also noted that hikers should always stay with their group and stay on their original path.


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