Holy Cannolo, That’s a Long Dessert


Breaking a world record takes a lot of time and dedication to accomplish. There are also world records for almost everything, leaving the door open for anyone wanting to try.

A team of chefs in Italy is the latest group to break a Guinness World Record by baking up an extra large cannolo. The delicious dessert measures in at 70 feet and 3.7 inches long.

The world record attempt was completed in Caltanissetta, Sicily, and saw a group of chefs from all across the country come together to cook the world’s longest cannolo. A cannolo is the plural of cannoli and is a tube of fried pastry filled with ricotta. Sounds yummy.

To fill the massive shell, organizers said they had to use more than 1,500 pounds of ricotta. Master pastry chef Lillo Defraia led the charge and the attempt was organized by Ristoworld Italia.

This 70-foot-long cannolo surpasses the previous world record by a landslide. A 16-foot, 4.9-inch cannolo was created in 2016, holding the world record for eight years strong before this attempt.


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