Hong Kong Bunny Resort Created for When Owners Are Away

There’s always some stress involved when you have a pet and want to plan a vacation. Finding somewhere the animal can stay can be an exhaustive process, especially for those that don’t just have cats and dogs. That’s where this bunny resort comes into play.

In one of the world’s most densely populated cities — Hong Kong — rabbits have become quite popular pets. With COVID-19 restrictions lifting in Hong Kong, many people are looking to travel for the Lunar New Year and to aptly welcome the Year of the Rabbit. When the animals’ owners are away, there are now other rabbit lovers that are ready to look after their lonely pets at Bunny Style, a luxury rabbit resort.

Credit: AP Photo/Anthony Kwan

Donna Li, the owner of Bunny Style, started the business in June 2022 with just a playroom offering space for rabbits to play around in a climate-controlled building. She’s now fully booked for the holiday and offers a number of activities for the bunnies including regular exercise, parties, spa treatments and lots of carrots.

“To begin with, my idea was mainly about setting up a safe indoor play space with a suitable temperature for rabbits,” Li said.

With room for 15 rabbits, Li and her staff take special care of the precious animals with hair-brushing, nail trimming and exercising to be managed. Bunny Style charges around $15 per night, which includes half an hour of supervised playtime. Beauty treatments and special menu items are additional costs but who wouldn’t want to pamper their pet while away?