Hooters Sponsors Soccer Team


A red card has been handed out to the racy restaurant Hooters. The reason this time? One of the Hooters franchises in Great Britain announced that their location was sponsoring a soccer team for boys under age 10.

The restaurant revealed the unconventional collaboration in a social media post that has since been deleted. “Hooters Nottingham are proud to be the new sponsors of Burton Joyce Under 10s. We wish you all the luck this season boys. Go smash it,” they wrote.

The post included a number of photos where members of the team were posing with two Hooters waitresses. Don’t worry, the low-cut tops and bright orange hot pants were swapped out for conventional joggers and jackets.

The declaration scored them headlines and not in a good way. Many wondered whether it was appropriate for the restaurant to be associated with a group of minors. People called the decision “very weird” and “wrong on so many levels.” Of course, Hooters is technically not classified as an adults-only eatery and they welcome patrons of all ages to their restaurants.

It’s also unclear as to what exactly the terms of the sponsorship are, especially now since the announcement has caught a lot of slack online. The restaurant’s logo was set to appear on the team’s soccer jerseys.


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